The Glaz range of products -
simplifying spectroscopy


Glaz-PD is a dual-channel fast photo diode digitizer. The digitizer was designed for measuring intensities of fs-laser pulses. It can be interfaced with PulseSync camera synchronisation mechanism. This extends the capabilities of the PulseSyc camera system. It enables normalisation and sorting of pumped/unpumped scans for measurements in ultra-fast spectroscopy. It can also be operated in free-running mode to measure pulse-to-pulse stability of pulsed lasers.

The development of the Glaz-I camera system was started in 2013. It was developed in collaboration with the Cannizzo's group of the University of Bern, Institute of Applied Physics, Switzerland, who provided the concept, the specifications and domain knowledge.


  1. Low-noise design
  2. 16-bit resolution
  3. Synchronisation with Glaz LineScan PuseSync cameras
  4. USB-powered


  1. Laser stability measurements
  2. Pulse-to-pulse normalisation
  3. Pump-probe sorting