The Glaz range of products -
simplifying spectroscopy

Glaz LineScan platform

The Glaz LineScan is a camera platform for CMOS linear array sensors. The LineScan-I was initially designed for ultra-fast spectroscopy in collaboration with the Cannizzo's group of the University of Bern, Institute of Applied Physics, Switzerland, who provided the concept, the specifications and domain knowledge.

The scope of applications has grown and the product range has been extended since the launch of the first LineScan-I camera. The product range now consists of:

  1. LineScan-I-Gen2 high-speed, high-performance platform
  2. LineScan-LS low-speed, high-performance platform
  3. LineScan-EC low-speed, economical platform


  1. High-speed USB interface - no additional acquisition cards required
  2. Flexible and scalable
  3. Affordable scientific grade solution
  4. Fast PC-based data post-processing
  5. Large-pixel CMOS linear array sensors

Build your camera system

The Glaz camera platform consists of four components: the hardware platform, the sensor board and optional mounting requirements. There are several options for each component. A system is selected from the bottom up. Starting from the hardware platform, through to the required sensor and mounting requirements. Together they form a tailored solution for your application.

Hardware platform

The hardware platform consists of the main processor board and enclosure. The main processor board can either be the LineScan-I-Gen2, LineScan-LS or LineScan-EC. In addition the hardware platforms are also available as OEM modules.

Sensor board

The LineScan hardware platform supports different CMOS and InGaAs sensors. The sensor choice depends on required noise levels, sensitivity and cost. At this stage the following sensors are supported:

  1. Hamamatsu S11639 (2048-pixel, high-sensitivity)
  2. Hamamatsu S11639-01 (2048-pixel, increased dynamic range, high-sensitivity)
  3. Hamamatsu S10453-Q1024 (1024-pixel, high-speed)
  4. Hamamatsu S12198-Q1024 (1024-pixel, high-speed)
  5. Hamamatsu G11620-512DA (512-pixel, high-speed)
  6. Additional sensors can be support upon request

Customisation services

Glaz cameras can be mounted on different spectrometers or other optical instruments. By default, the LineScan-I-Gen2 cameras are supplied in an enclosure for mounting on optical stands. For multi-camera applications the camera end-plate can be modified to be stacked vertically. Alternatively, for mounting onto spectrometers, the camera end-plate can be customised. For OEM modules, custom PCB layouts can be provided as an add-on service. Custom PCB layouts are often required for applications with size constraints.