Our philosophy -
Combining flexibility and usability

Glaz - Camera Systems

The Glaz LineScan is a product range of low-noise linear array cameras. These cameras use the latest CMOS and InGaAs sensor technology. Several sensors are supported and cameras are optimised for several applications. Applications include multi-camera fs-TAS, LIDAR and general spectroscopic applications. The cameras do not require any additional PC processing cards or hardware and interface with a PC via high-speed USB. Combined with powerful PC-based data processing software, a measuring system can be configured quickly. It also provides a flexible script-based environment to define calculations using data from several cameras.

Besides linear array cameras. We also offer the Glaz-BP - an economic beam-profiling camera. The camera can be used with the Glaz UI (user interface). Glaz UI is made available as freeware and can also be used to take measurements with the Glaz LineScan cameras.

Uragan - Motion Control

The Uragan family of USB devices combine stepper motor drivers and controllers into a single package. The system is modular and provides a felxible platform. Stepper motor drivers can be used individually or can be combined into a complex multi-axis system with the Uragan-SO multi-axis controller. All Uragan stepper motor drivers also feature basic data acqusition features with configurable input ports.

Devices can be configured and controlled via Uragan Studio user interface or via LabView. Uragan Studio also provides a Python scripting environment for more complex motion control and data acquisition applications.

Skorost - Data Acquisition

Skorost is a low-cost, highly flexible USB data acquisition device. The associated Skorost user-interface can be customized for specific applications. It is ideal for upgrading school, college and pre-graduate university science labs. However, it can also be used by hobbiests and science enthusiasts.

Sveta - High-voltage

Sveta high-voltage is a range of medium- to high-voltage power supplies. Most of the products incorporate a Skorost DAQ front-end and combine high-voltage and data acquisition in a single device.