The Uragan range of products for motion control and data acquisition.

Uragan motion and data acquisition

Uragan is a family of products aimed for a large variety of motion control and data acquisition applications. Together with Uragan Studio (available as freeware) devices can be easily configured via an USB port for specific needs and tasks.

The product range consists of three stepper motor drivers with integrated controller: Uragan-μ, Uragan-n and Uragan-p. The drivers are designed for different motor current ranges and all drivers feature configurable input pins for data acqusition, limit switches, event counters, etc. The product range also includes a three-axis controller, Uragan-SO, for coordinated multi-axis movements.

Device Description Micro- stepping CLC1 ADC2 EC3 QD4 LS5 PWM6
Uragan-µ 7A stepper motor driver
Uragan-n 2A stepper motor driver
Uragan-p 500 mA stepper motor driver
Uragan-SO 3-Axis controller - - - - - -

1. Closed loop control with shaft encoder
2. Analog to digital converter
3. Event counter
4. Quadrature decoder
5. Limit switches
6. Pulse width modulator and digital output

Applications include single-axis motion control, motion control with data-acquisition and multi-axis coordinated motion control.

All Uragan stepper motor drivers can be configured for manual control with toggle switches or joysticks. This allows manual movement without PC communication.