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Glaz LineScan-I-Gen2

Glaz LineScan-I-Gen2 is a high-speed, FPGA-based linear array camera platform. The LineScan-I-Gen2 is a drop-in replacement for the earlier LineScan-II. The LineScan-I-Gen2 uses a high-quality analogue front-end with one of the best high-speed ADCs on the market. Compared to the LineScan-I, the LineScan-I-Gen2 uses improved low-noise power management circuits, data compression and high USB transfer rates. It can measure up to 50,000 lines at up to 9000 lines/s without skipping a line. The cameras can also be configured at run-time to use PulseSync or TimeFill mode. The cameras are USB-powered and do not require any additional PC processing cards or hardware. They interface directly with a PC via high-speed USB 2.0.

The LineScan-I-Gen2 can be operated from an internal or external trigger. It also offers a Sync output. The Sync output can be used to generate a master trigger for other devices (TimeFill mode). In PulseSync mode the Sync port is exclusively used for Glaz multi-device synchronisation. The LineScan-I-Gen2 also features an additional Aux port. The Aux port can be used as output, to generate control signals, or as input, to capture external states.


  1. Enclosed
  2. OEM

Camera modes (configurable at run-time)

  1. PulseSync
  2. TimeFill

Supported CMOS and InGaAs sensors

  1. Hamamatsu CMOS S11639-01
  2. Hamamatsu CMOS S13496
  3. Hamamatsu CMOS S10453-1024Q
  4. Hamamatsu CMOS S12198-1024Q
  5. Hamamatsu InGaAs G11620-512DA
  6. Additional sensors available on request


  1. USB-powered
  2. Up to 9000 lines/s (1024-pixel array)
  3. Lossless data compression
  4. >20 MB/s USB transfer rate
  5. Maximum dynamic range of 6000
  6. External/Internal trigger
  7. Sync output
  8. Additional Aux IO port
  9. Hardware averaging

User guide (G11478-512WB InGaAs sensors)Glaz-LineScan-G11478-512WB-UG.pdf