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Glaz LineScan Customisation

We, at Synertronic Designs, realise that many applications require some form of customisation to achieve the optimal solution. As an add-on service, we offer customisations:

  1. Customised adaptor plates and assemblies
  2. Custom PCB layouts for OEM modules
  3. Application-specific software extensions

Customised adaptor plates and assemblies

For some applications LineScan cameras need to be mounted onto existing spectrometers. This requires some form of customised adaptor plates and/or camera assemblies. Synertronic Designs provides design and manufacturing services for custom adaptor plates and assemblies.

In the example below, a custom dual-camera assembly (2x LineScan-I) was manufactured for an Hatteras spectrometer system. The assembly inlcudes a custom mounting plate that fits onto the optical output port of the Hatteras spectrometer.

Custom camera assembly: Dual-camera assembly

Custom PCB layouts for OEM modules

LineScan OEM modules consist of a separate processor and sensor board. The two boards are connected via a flat flex cable (FFC). In some cases the sensor board must be mounted into small spaces or there are other mounting requirements. Due to the split processor/sensor board approach, only the sensor board needs to be customised. This reduces costs and turn-around times.

LineScan-LS and LineScan-EC are well-suited for spectrometer upgrades. For an upgrade, the old electronics and sensor are replaced by a new LineScan module. The below example shows the upgraded electronics for an Ocean Optics S2000 spectrometer. It features a custom PCB layout of the LineScan-EC (right), to provide a drop-in replacement for the older CCD-based sensor and electronics (left).

Custom PCB layout: Ocean Optics S2000 upgrade

Application-specific software extensions

Synertronic Designs provides the Glaz UI, Glaz LabView driver and DLL for free. However, we are prepared to implement application-specific software features as a service. This includes:

  1. Customised libraries (DLLs)
  2. Application-specific extensions in Glaz UI