Skorost -
Low-cost data acquisition

Low-cost data acqusition

The Skorost falmily of devices provide low-cost, but very flexible, data acquisition. It features configurable digital intputs, analoge inputs, PWM outputs and even signal generators. All devices are USB-powered.

At this stage two devices are avaible: the Skorost-I and Skorost-II. The Skorost-I focuses more on event counting and quadrature decoding. It also provides basic analogue functions. The Skorost-II provides greatly improved analogue performance (e.g. higher sampling rate, high-impedance inputs, lower noise, etc.). The Skorost-II is also ideal for measurements of voltage signals smaller than 1 mV.

The Skorost UI (user interface) can be configured for different applications via XML script files. Different widgets can be added to the UI. Widgets include 2D graphs, numeric displays and several device control widgets. This is useful when using the UI for educational purposes in schools, colleges and unviersities. The UI can be tailored for specific experiments and students can focus on the experiments, instead of learning the UI.