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Glaz LineScan with PulseSync

PulseSync is an application-specific system. It was developed for multi-device ultra-fast pump/probe spectroscopy. The system provides a simple, but very robust, synchronisation mechanism. Up to 4 cameras can be operated synchronously. Cameras can be connected with Glaz-PD photo-diode digitizers and the system can be configured for automatic pump/probe (odd/even) sorting. Combined with optimised PC-based data processing software, a multi-camera measuring system can be configured quickly and effortlessly. It also provides a flexible script-based environment to define calculations using data from several cameras.

PulseSync sensor read-out scheme:

PulseSync uses a non-interleaved sensor read-out scheme. One integration and read-out cycle must be fully completed, before the next cycle can start. LineScan cameras with PulseSync and Glaz-PD devices are then synchronised via the devices' Sync port. This enables advanced synchronisation of multiple devices. PulseSync is only supported by LineScan-II, LineScan-I and LineScan-I-Gen2 cameras.

Example of a pump-prope measurement setup:


The development of the PulseSync system was started in 2013. It was developed in collaboration with the Cannizzo's group of the University of Bern, Institute of Applied Physics, Switzerland, who provided the concept, the specifications and domain knowledge. The first versions of the system were tested by the Ultrafast Molecular Spectroscopy Lab at the University of Bern.


  1. Automatic odd/even scan sorting when combined with Glaz-PD
  2. Robust multi-camera measurements and synchronisation
  3. Flexible and fast srcipt-based data post-processing
  4. Support for short integration times (<5 μs)