The Glaz range of products -
simplifying spectroscopy

Glaz LineScan-EC

Glaz LineScan-EC is a low-speed linear array camera platform. It provides an economical alternative to the LineScan-LS. The cameras are USB-powered and do not require any additional PC processing cards or hardware. The cameras are available only as OEM modules.

The LineScan-EC can be operated from an internal or external trigger. It also offers a Sync output. The Sync output can be used to generate a master trigger for other devices.

The LineScan-EC is recommended for general spectroscopy. It has the smallest footprint of the LineScan range. The LineScan-EC can be used for OEM spectrometers and is also ideal for upgrading older CCD-based spectrometers.


  1. OEM

Camera modes

  1. TimeFill

Supported CMOS sensors

  1. S11639-01
  2. S10453-1024Q
  3. S12198-1024Q
  4. Additional sensors available on request


  1. USB-powered
  2. Up to 50 lines/s (1024-pixel array)
  3. Maximum dynamic range of 1000
  4. External/Internal trigger
  5. Sync output
  6. Configurable ADC gain (1x, 2x and 4x)