The Uragan range of products for motion control and data acquisition.


Uragan-µ is a high-power stepper motor driver with several data acquisition functions. With a large current and voltage rating, the Uragan-µ is capable of driving the largest stepper motors on the market.


  1. High power 7 A stepper motor driver
  2. Supply voltage up to 100 V
  3. Micro-stepping
  4. 4 highly configurable input ports (channels)
  5. Solid state relay
  6. PWM output
  7. 5 V auxiliary supply
  8. Isolated USB interface


  1. CNC translation stages
  2. Measurement stations
  3. Data acquisition
  4. Laboratory applications

Brochure and overview of Uragan-µ and Uragan StudioUragan-u-brochure.pdf
User manual for Uragan-µ and Uragan StudioUragan-u-Manual.pdf