The Uragan range of products for motion control and data acquisition.


Uragan-SO is a mutli-axis controller with support of up to three axes. Each axis can be configured to use the G-Link (general) or U-Link (proprietary) interface. Note: The Uragan-SO is only required for coordinated multi-axis movement. Coordinated movements include diagonal lines, circles, ellipses and similar NURBS curves and splines. Uncoordinated multi-axis movement is possible by sending move commands to individual Uragan motor drivers via USB.

G-Link interface

The G-Link interface uses a STEP, DIR, ON-OFF and OK signal. This can be used with the Uragan-μ, Uragan-p or any other stepper motor driver, which supports a STEP/DIR interface. All signals are optically isolated and each G-Link interface provides an isolated 5V auxiliary supply.

U-Link interface

The U-Link interface is a proprietary interface and is supported by the Uragan-n. The U-Link interface allows the Uragan-n to be used without USB. Motor current, input port settings and other settings can be sent to the Uragan-n via Uragan-SO and the U-Link.


  1. Coordinated movement of up to 3 axes
  2. General isolated G-Link interface
  3. Proprietary U-Link interface
  4. 2 isolated configurable digital input ports
  5. 4 isolated configurable digital output ports
  6. 5 V auxiliary supply
  7. Isolated USB interface


  1. CNC translation stages
  2. Measurement stations
  3. Laboratory applications