Sveta high-voltage supplies

Sveta-Piezo 100V1-X3

Sveta-Piezo 100V1-X3 is a 3-channel piezo electric transducer driver. The device is USB-powered and is intended for medium-voltage PETs with voltage ratings up to 100V. The driver includes three differential ADCs. These ADCs are optimised for strain gages, but can also be used for general voltage measurements. The output voltage and voltage range can be configured via USB. The device supports two voltage ranges:75 V and 100 V.


  1. Configurable voltage ranges: 75 and 100 V
  2. Configurable output voltage: 0-75 V and 0-100 V
  3. Current limit: 5 mA (DC), 50 mA (pulsed)
  4. Power rating: 1 W per channel
  5. Positive polarity
  6. USB-powered
  7. Skorost DAQ front-end (3 differential ADC channels)
  8. PWM output
  9. 5 V auxiliary supply
  10. USB interface


  1. Medium-voltage PET driver
  2. Measurement stations
  3. Data acquisition
  4. Laboratory applications